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SloxSoft LLC is United States based Software Company, offering the most refined and continuously creating milestone with millions of satisfied users not only in United States but also around the world. Faster and boastful PC performance once you download and install Free PC utility software by SloxSoft LLC. The best PC utility software i.e. Reg Tuner, to make free your PC from window registry issues. All begins with scanning and analysis of PC, we recommend you to go through either options likewise custom/quick/complete as per the user preference. Once the scanning done and sequentially result into following number of issues and errors in window registry files and folders. At the same time Reg Tuner also manage back-up/restore function. So you can correct/restore to the current status in any case of failure of system. Registry cleaner software completely design and developed on the basis of users' usefulness and ready to handle. Our certified software support team will assist you at the best level during business hours.

Sloxsoft Products

Reg Tuner

Reg Tuner is a product of SloxSoft that specializes to remove securely invalid and unnecessary registry files from Windows and to get your PC faster and secured. Trusted by millions of PC users worldwide, this confirms to deliver the highest standard at its service.

Disk Tuner

At SloxSoft, Disk Tuner intends to scan and fix your computer to run smoothly and efficiently. No matter how many junk, unnecessary and other useless system files hide on your hard drive, this helpful utility is set to find and repair them and get your computer back to work faster.

Shutdown Scheduler

Intentional to schedule your PC get shut down, log off, restart, sleep and close any time you set it, SloxSoft brings in vision one of its helpful utilities known as Shutdown Scheduler. A free and professional software; this adds in your professional suite well.

How PC Utility Software Works

Quick Support

You are just away to make a call/email us. We are offering world class PC utility software support services by our dedicated certified technicians at SloxSoft. Find your best technician for satisfactory PC performance results.

Fresh and Clean

At SloxSoft, Disk Tuner is one of the supreme disk space analyzer and cleanup my PC utility software. Everytime when you are going to login your personal computer it make you feel always speed up and manage your internal disk space to boost PC.

Easy to Customize

With most flexible as well as easy to use, SloxSoft's software design and development team always ready to offer exclusively customizable and advanced setting options as per the user's convenience in order to manage scheduled task and computer performance.

About Us

Know a click at SloxSoft is more than Dream to get your PC running as it is new. With its colossal attendance among PC users globally, the company in the United States is all solutions to:

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    250 58TH Street North, APT 1302, ST Petersburg, FL, US
  • +1-800-404-1148
  • info@sloxsoft.com

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